Know thy Enemy | Brutality & infiltration in Canada exposed (

Know thy Enemy | Brutality & infiltration in Canada exposed

Ottawa Police Brutality. Smoke and Mirror Arrests? Schwab’s Puppets. Dr Paul Alexander in danger.
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Today’s post on includes:

  1. Intense footage and reports from the current front line of humanity vs tyranny in Ottawa.
  2. For weeks, the Ottawa police and lawful Freedom Convoy protestors were getting along lovingly, as good people do, until certain dark power moves were played last week. We’ll explain.
  3. Chris Skye exposes illegal and fake arrests. More smoke and mirrors?
  4. A quick look at Schwab’s Canadian meat puppets and the WEF profound infiltration of the Canadian Federal Cabinet.
  5. The latest message from Dr Paul Alexander regarding threats to arrest him for telling Canadians and the world scientific truths. Dr Alexander may be speaking today to the General Assembly of the World Council For Health, and you can join.

Also, last week’s February 14th General Assembly meeting of the World Council for Health, new laboratory analysis of so called “covdi-vaccines” using Raman Spectroscopy was made public. There is definite evidence of undisclosed ingredients, with findings very suspect for graphene. Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vials were analyzed.
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